Thursday, January 31, 2008

Better World Books

Books are wonderful things. They tell stories, they provide education, they entertain us, they provoke us and make us think. They also take effort and paper and glue and toxic substances to create, which is not so ecofriendly. Used bookstores are a great way to still get excellent books without putting so much pressure on the planet. Ones like Better World Books.

With a ridiculously huge number of titles available, Better World books. provides a spot for you to search for the book you've been coveting. They show you the prices on other websites such as Amazon to ensure you're getting a fair price. Plus, you can get it shipped anywhere in the world for three bucks. That's right. Shipping is free in the US, $2.95 worldwide.

And, AND, they pair with worldwide literacy programs such as Worldfund, Room to Read and others to spread the love of reading around the world. A quick search showed lots of recently coveted titles, allowing you to indulge your guilty ecochick-lit pleasures - but eco-guilt free! Unfortunately it won't assuage your guilt about reading Marian Keyes instead of reading War and Peace, but that can be our little secret.

So to fund literacy, care for the environment, and get a fair price on the books you want, visit Better World Books.

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Anna said...

Hi. I love the fact that Better World Bookstore pair themselves with worldwide literacy programs.

In addition to this site, check out BookMooch (international), Paperbackswap (US only), and Swaptree (US only) where you can swap books with others for the cost of postage. Thanks for the tip about Better World Bookstore!