Thursday, November 29, 2007

Natural Space Sustainable Furniture

Natural Space is an office furniture company with a difference. Their sharp, clean, modern furniture looks great in office space, and you can use it knowing it's a whole lot easier on the planet than most options on the market.

From design to materials to assembly to repair to disposal, the entire life cycle of this furniture is thought through in order to have minimal impact. Simple, practical design means shorter, easier manufacturing cycles. Easy assembly also means easy disassembly, so that when you're repairing or disposing of the furniture it can be easily broken down and each individual component repaired or recycled. They strive to use the most environmentally friendly materials possible, from recycled aluminum to Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. This company has it going on.

Interested? Contact Natural Space to find a dealer near you.


Sam said...

I should probably consider the furniture they offer. They help support the environment, which I think is a good thing.

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Louis said...

It's a good idea to add plants in an office. It'll make it more lively. The services and products you offer are nice.

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andreafox21 said...

Love the natural feel of the office. Plants really liven the place up.
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garage doors perth said...

This office looks amazing. I think this can be very sustainable as long as you take care of the plants.

wicker outdoor furniture said...

You just gave me an awesome idea for a office decor. Thanks for posting the pic.

million dollar makeover said...

I hope there will be more companies like these that will sell Eco-friendly furniture. People will surely prefer these types for their homes.