Friday, March 7, 2008

Luka B

Looking for another online resource for all your favourite skin care brands? Add Luka B to your list. Here you'll find ecochick-featured products like Dr. Hauschka, Kiss My Face, the decadent Cake products and plenty more - all available here. You get free shipping on all orders over $75, so order lots!

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adrian2514 said...

Hey just stopping by to get my dose of green info. Always good stuff here! I am trying to compile a list of stuff I can do to reduce my carbon emissions. MTV had a commercial about it, and got me interested. I have been to and they have a ton of tips but I was mostly impressed by their page where they have their users send in tips: Does anyone else know of other data bases that I can find these types of small things that lower my emissions? EPA or WWF maybe?

Thanks for all your info and drop me a link if you guys see anything worth my time.