Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kaia's Organic Pet Beauty Shop

Over at Zia and Tia, you'll find plenty of organic and earth-friendly products. In light of this Weather we seem to have gotten in Eastern Ontario last week, it's time to start thinking of skin care - for your pet!

Cold snow and ice can be tough on pooches' paws. So give him a little relief with Groom Paw Butter. This luxurious paw defense wax is made from all natural, paraffin free butter which is then infused with natural wax, fair trade shea butter, avocado butter and cocoa butter. Take a blob and rub it into Fido's rough feet to give him a little relief from the elements. He'll thank you for it.

Groom Paw Butter is available at Zia and Tia.


vergelimbo said...

Hey ecochick...is this entire blog devoted to women needlessly shopping/buying/consuming? How is that "eco"?

Why not post something on behaviors other than purchasing. Eg: Joining a community garden, food co-op, recycling clothes swaps, the benefits of biking over driving etc.

We need to consume less and do more- ecochicks included


ecochick said...

Thanks for your comment, vergelimbo! The aim with ecochick is to highlight more environmentally friendly alternatives, so that consumers - who will consume - know how and where to make better choices. It's just one part of an overall mentality change that everyone needs to make.

I agree the ideas of the other blogs are great - do you have any links for blogs that highlight those themes?