Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Talk about child labour. But somehow, we don't think 15 month old Trinity Doiron of Victoria, British Columbia, seems to mind. She has already established a lucrative career as a baby product tester. With assistance from Kate and Jeff Doiron, Trinity provides all quality assurance for EthicBaby.

Ethicbaby carries a wide variety of baby and toddler products, from clothing to bedding to toys. All have their own brand of environmental friendliness - from nontoxic wood toys, to sustainable bamboo pyjamas and bedding, to organic baby hats and plenty more.

As the name implies, Ethicbaby makes every business decision with a commitment towards ethical and social responsibility, sourcing their products from organic brands and working with ethical quality assurance organizations. As a result, you can use their products for your baby with the knowledge that you're buying what's best for her, and for the planet!

And did we mention cute? Come on - Organic Cotton baby yoga pants? Seriously. To die for.

All Ethicbaby products are available via their website and shippable within Canada.

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