Monday, November 12, 2007

We're a culture that likes to carry stuff, and we like to have stuff to carry the stuff in. ecochick personally can't leave the house without ipod, kleenex and at least four vials of lip balm, and that's tough to carry in one's hands. But, with most handbags made from leather or plastic derivatives, it's not always easy to find an environmentally friendly option.

That's where delivers. Not only are the handbags made from recycled goods, they are made from things you'd never even think of. Candy bar wrappers. Magazines. Record albums. Newspaper. Zippers! Sourced from various handcrafters from across the world, not only are you certain to find a handbag (or ipod case, or change purse, or whatever!) that suits your taste, you're also certain to find one that resonates with your personality. Are you a sailor? Get a handbag made out of reused sails. Addicted to sushi? Your handbag must be made from chopsticks!

Shop online at and enjoy free shipping to Canada and the US.


Anonymous said...


Firstly thanks for the site! its really great :) Keep making additions!!!

I am on the search for an eco friendly laptop bag / sleeve... do you know of any??

ecochick said...

Hello and thanks for the kudos! does also feature ecofriendly laptop sleeves: The Boris Laptop Bag

And the eco-geeko (hee!) laptop sleeve:

I'll keep my eye out for more and feature them if I find them!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Will take a look now :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I had a look and I am really interested in the recycled billboard laptop bags!!

Have already forwarded this on to a friend of mine!! Really a great site :) But I wanted to apologise for leaving anonymous messages.. I am actually Jessie (Hi!) but I am completely computer illiterate :( so I havent figured out the bit where I can leave comments from me!!

Thanks again!!

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