Monday, October 8, 2007

Three Thieves Wines

ecochick overindulged a bit yesterday. Hey, it's Thanksgiving. But still, even when revelling in turkey and wine, ecochick's thinking of the next fabulous ecofriendly thing to tell you.

So when this wine showed up on the dinner table, it was delightfully accepted as both a delicious wine and an environmentally friendly option. Three Thieves creates Bandit wine in several varieties, which tastes all the better when you see that it comes packaged in an environmentally friendly tetra pack. Even more delightful, you can get single serving packs rather like adult juice boxes - so no more opening a bottle when all you want is a glass! Bandit wines include a lovely cabernet sauvignon, a crisp pinot grigio and a delicious merlot.

Bandit wines are available online and through the LCBO if you're in Ontario. Drink up!

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