Thursday, October 11, 2007


preloved does what the title says: Takes formerly loved clothing and refashions it into new funky designs, creating affordable one-of-a-kind designer pieces for both women and men. Attention to fit, comfort, and style, and of course uniqueness, has been the driving force behind Preloved.

Preloved has three separate lines: preloved, which blends the old with the new. Vintage tees, jeans, sweaters and wool pants are combined with new fabrics to create one-of-a-kind staple pieces at affordable retail prices. The next line, bloved, uses all new fabric and focuses on creating simple and streamlined silhouettes, ideal for mixing and matching with the preloved and handcut lines. ecochick's favourite, though, is the handcut line, with every garment being made by hand-cutting the patterns from 100% vintage fabrics. Now that's recycling!

The style of preloved fashion is significantly different than On&On ecolo chic that was featured here last week; where On&On is very girly, preloved is more practical and funky - but still incredibly fashionable. Every item is unique, so you are guaranteed to have no awkward moments when you show up in the same sweater as your girlfriend at the bar. And who likes that?

You can find preloved fashions at their signature boutiques in Toronto and Montreal, as well as at various boutiques across Canada.

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NIce post ! Anything retro or vintage i love its my new hobby ! Especially vintage sunglasses!