Monday, October 1, 2007

omop by method

Ecochick has always liked the concept of the Swiffer. Wiping the feathers off the floor is far easier, one thinks, than brushing them with the broom. However, she's also always felt that it was rather environmentally hostile to continually pitch these dry sweeper electrostatic cloths into the landfill... and she's also pretty nervous about how, or with what, they could possibly be made. You can bet if it was made of something good, they'd tell you.

So you can imagine ecochick's delight when she found the omop by Method. The starter kit contains a great reusable wet/dry mop, and the following reasons to chirp:

the omop is most definitely an advancement in home cleaning.

method products are available at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada.


Anonymous said...


Do you know if the omop is sold in the GTA anywhere?


ecochick said...

I've had trouble finding it in Canada at all, actually. I've emailed the folks at Method to ask where to find it up here.. Stay tuned!

Oodless said...

You can buy it at Safeway in Canada or London Drugs. I purchased one a month ago and it has broken already!! The pad never stayed in place so I was not happy with it to begin with and then the handle just snapped off. Buy a Videla for a lot less that won't break.